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2013.03.26 Tue


Most of you know I have been posting pictures and thoughts from the time we lived in Africa. 1966 until 1974. We were in the Central African Republic, which is right in the middle of the continent.

It's a small under-developed country, but it is rich in mineral deposits, gold, diamonds, uranium dvd to ipad. I want to ask those of you who pray to pray for the people there. We are hearing that the coalition of rebels called Seleka, are advancing into the capitol city of Bangui. We have friends who live there, both Africans, and missionaries.

Some of the missionaries have just returned from being evacuated due to rebel activity a few months ago. If you are a Christian, pray for safety for your brothers and sisters there. Pray for their faith to remain strong items or gift & premium. Pray for food for them to eat, clean water to drink, cloth to keep them warm, and safe places for them to stay.

Pray that they will show God's love to others who do not know Him yet. Pray for peace in that country, and for an honest and just government Claire Hsu. It seems a shame for people who have so little to have to endure more suffering. I will try to let you know more when I know more. Thank you all.